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Process Applications

Efficient, Solar-Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is the implementation of various techniques for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field. Currently, there are three primary techniques for EOR: thermal recovery, gas injection, and chemical injection. Using EOR, 30 to 60 percent or more of the reservoir's original oil can be extracted.

The Steam Flooding Technique

In this approach, various methods are used to heat the crude oil in the formation to reduce its viscosity and/or vaporize part of the oil and thus decrease the mobility ratio. The increased heat reduces the surface tension and increases the permeability of the oil. The heated oil may also vaporize and then condense, forming improved oil.

Solar-Enhanced Oil Recovery is a form of steam flooding that uses solar arrays to concentrate the sun's energy to heat water and generate steam. At CSP ULTRALITESOLAR INC, we provide this viable alternative to gas-fired steam production for the oil industry. Our technology is ideal for heat injection into thin oil deposits, reducing its viscosity and enhancing extraction at a reduced cost.

Solar Desalination

Why Solar Distilled Water?

  • CSP Ultra Lite mimics the natural water distillation process using the heat energy of the sun to produce pure water. Using the sun saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • In nature, the sun evaporates water from rivers, lakes and oceans, purifying water in the process.
  • Ground water run-off puts contaminants such as pesticides and other agricultural contaminants back into the water.
  • In almost all cases, distillation is by far the best bet for contaminant-free drinking water.

Girl Drinking Water

The heat energy of the sun provided by CSP Ultra Lite can be used to purify water through a process of solar distillation.

Water Storage

This is possible by using the sun’s energy, which is free. By using the suns energy, we mimic what happens in nature to provide pure drinking water.

In nature, the sun evaporates water from oceans, lakes and rivers, leaving contaminants behind, such as sea salt. Trees and vegetation also give off water vapour through a process called evapotranspiration. This water vapour then forms clouds and it rains.

As this rain flows into rivers and streams, a main source for our drinking water, agricultural contaminants can be picked up. Harmful micro organisms can live in the water as well. It is for this reason that water has to be treated before consumption.

We are now learning that there are certain longer term side affects to certain chemical treatments, such as reduced thyroid function from chlorine.

Often when a town or city has a problem with their water system, they issue a boil water warning to make sure your drinking water is safe.

The Natural Water Cycle


Clean drinking water is something we take for granted. As more of our natural fresh water sources become depleted or contaminated, we have to increasingly treat our water supply. In many areas of the world, ocean water must be desalinated. Fortunately, we live on a world with oceans of water.

Getting back to nature and bringing nature to where we live, with the use of CSP Ultra Lite's benign renewable technology, is a healthy alternative to our drinking water.

Solar District Heating & Solar Absorption Cooling

Central Distribution Hub

District solar heating and cooling is a prime application for the Ultra Lite solar concentrator. In this use, the operating temperature normally fed to a district is about 75°C with a return temperature of about 50°C. Most flat panel absorbers may be able to achieve 80°C at solar noon, but this is insufficient for storing up to 100°C for water storage or up to 250°C for earth-based storage. The higher temperatures generated with Ultra Lite compared to flat panels absorbers facilitate absorption cooling for hot summer months.

Ultra Lite can be used in centralized heating and cooling systems, supplying a wide range of benefits. The home or business no longer requires a heating or cooling system, saving money on infrastructure. A chimney is also no longer necessary to exhaust toxic combustion fumes.

Makeup-air is no longer required to support internal combustion within a building, saving more energy. All of these factors result in lower construction costs for the consumer. Ultra Lite is even more economical than our CSP application since we do not need to use the more expensive vacuum linear receiver tubes due to the operating temperature being much lower. We will manufacture an economical receiver for this application.